My Play LIst

Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Drawing of Me

A friend of mine online likes to draw and sketch things. He is really good he just sketched this in a few minutes. He is not happy with the results but says he is gonna do another one when he really has the time. I am happy with this one and can't wait to see the other one when he gets finished.

Monday, December 29, 2008

Top Ten Hopes in my life for the New Year

1) My friends & family have good health.

2) My family will talk to me more often than not.

3) The friends I have will keep in contact with me where ever they are or move to.

4) That I will finally get that big raise I have been hoping for so long.

5) That I meet new people that will inspire me and visa versa.

6) That some how no matter how bad my life might seem right now that I will see the silver lining at the end.

7) I will find the harmony that I need in my life.

8) I find a way that my work doesn't rule my life.

9) I learn to relax and have more fun.

10) That I look more in the positive of things than the negative.